No need for those nagging neck cramps

Why should you have a Memory Foam Travel Pillow?


From Miami to Houston or L.A to the Big Apple, you need this travel pillow for your next trip. One thing is for sure; it is going to be travel season this summer. But, as you look forward to your upcoming road trip, long-haul flight to Asia or weekend getaway do not forget the tight-fitting seats, overhead announcements, & limited leg room typical of most forms of transportation. All these obstacles are just the icing on the cake while you’re sitting, until you try getting a shut eye while in transit or flying economy on an international flight. That’s right, it is outright uncomfortable. As you try to catch a quick snooze while sleeping upright, your head constantly tilts forward or to the side. This could cause serious discomfort in your neck and head, as you strain the muscles in that area.

An aching neck and/or head equals an unpleasant traveling experience and a grumpy traveller. That’s why you need to support your head and neck during Multi hour trips, with this one-of-a-kind travel pillow. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out for a sec on why it is the perfect accessory for sitting or sleeping on a long flight or road trip.



Travel In Comfort


  • Material

If you prefer all round firm support and softness for superior relaxation, then this travel pillow is your best bet. The internal and external material are of the highest quality to guarantee firm support and softness. Its inner core comprises a durable, elastic memory foam that cleverly moulds into the contours of your neck & head for extra support and comfort. Plus, it includes a breathable outer cover made of plush velour fabric to prevent irritation, friction, or overheating.


  • Design

For long flights, train or car rides, this pillow comfort-centred design prevents stiffness and pain in your neck thanks to; a full head immersion mould and contoured edges/head rest to prevent annoying head dropping.


  • Custom Fit

It also features an easy-to-use button clasp on both ends. The result is an adjustable pillow you can secure around your shoulders and hold in place, to prevent it from slipping or moving around.


  • Maintenance

Functional and easy to maintain with a durable, removable cover that’s machine washable to encourage multiple washes without any product defect.


  • Size

Travelling light? Then this pillow is right one for you! It is Lightweight and easy to carry or pack with the rest of your belongings. Stash it away when not in use or reach for it when you want to take a quick nap, the size of this pillow makes it a hassle-free portable carry-on item wherever you go


memory foam travel pillow 


It is a no brainer that when you travel in comfort to your destination, you arrive feeling like a hot shot stepping out of the car or plane. Not to mention, that if there is no pain, you can pause, and take in the scenery, because it sure is beautiful.