Insta-Glucose- 31 Gram Tube Tube

Insta-Glucose- 31 Gram Tube Tube

Insta-Glucose- 31 Gram Tube Tube

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Insta-Glucose Gel by Bausch Health (formerly manufactured by and known as Valeant Insta-Glucose Oral Gel), is a convenient, concentrated carbohydrate gel (liquid glucose: dextrose 40%) for the treatment of low blood sugar.


Diabetic hypoglycemia can occur at any time. That's why many individuals with diabetes feel that the gel is extremely important to keep a source of quick-acting sugar on-hand in case the symptoms of onset hypoglycemia arise.


The 31-gram tube of Insta-Glucose has a great-tasting cherry flavor. The securely packaged durable, the compact container is safe to slip into a bag or pocket without making a mess.


Specially Formulated to Increase Blood Sugar During Lows. Small, Easily Transportable Tubes for Emergency Access. Gel Consistency Is Easy to Swallow. Great-Tasting Cherry Flavor.

  • 31 Gram Tube
  • Counteracts Hypoglycemia reactions quickly
  • Twist off the cap to assure purity
  • For low blood sugar
  • Easy to swallow 
  • For Diabetic Emergencies 

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