Portable Nebulizer Kit Take a Beath by Blue Jay

Portable Nebulizer Kit Take a Beath by Blue Jay

Portable Nebulizer Kit Take a Beath by Blue Jay

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This nebulizer has a faster atomization rate, It creates a fine mist, and the small particles are around 2-3 μm.providing dependable efficient nebulization treatments.


The solution cup reaches up to a max of 8cc, and the solutions can be completely broken down with the device. After use, the residues are less than 0.1ml.


The mesh atomization device converts the liquid into a gas jet, which is breathed by people. use with a mask or mouthpiece.


Continuous output of stable air pressure. Continuous air pressure provides efficient spray, improves atomization efficiency, and atomized particles are finer.


Powered by two AA batteries or a USB cable to make it work. quiet running: ≤25 dB. It is perfect for home use.

  • Super small nebulizer with vibrating mesh technology fits discreetly in the palm of your hand 
  • Vibrating mesh technology is designed to aerosolize liquid medication into an ultra fine mist for fast and efficent medication delivery
  • A nebulizer can be charged with the included USB cable and power adapter - no batteries to replace
  • Two nebulization modes: uniform-nebulization mode and micro-wave mode 
  • The medication cup can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Tubeless and cordless design makes nebulizing easy and convenient wherever you go
  • Two masks included for use by children and adults
  • Small and lightweight - weighs only 3.3 oz and measures 4" long 
  • Includes: portable mesh nebulizer, removable medication cup, adult mask, child mask, mouthpiece, USB charging cable, USB power adapter, storage/travel carry case
  • Power supply: DC 3.7V (rechargeable battery) * Power consumption: less than 4.0W * Nabulization rate: 0.15 ml/min~0.9 ml/min
  • Medication cup capacity: 6 ml
  • Noise: less than or equal to 50 dB
  • Operating cycle: 10 minutes
  • Battery life: up to 70 minutes of continuous use
  • Warranty: nebulizer - 1 year, mesh module - 6 months, accessories - 3 months

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