Stop Your Bending Deluxe Hip Kit (7-piece)w/26"

Stop Your Bending Deluxe Hip Kit (7-piece)w/26"

Stop Your Bending Deluxe Hip Kit (7-piece)w/26"

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The hip replacement recovery kit consists of Reacher, sock aid, dressing stick, metal shoehorn, shoelaces, sponge, and mobility aid.


26” Reacher that helps you grab items that are hard to reach. Let you reach anything you want to grab and make your life a bit easier.


This physical therapy kit from Blue Jay comes with foam handles. Designed for people who have issues reaching their feet to put on socks.


Designed to aid pulling, pushing, dressing, and putting your shoes on.


Comes with two pairs of elastic shoelaces. Designed to be tied only once, later your shoe becomes a slip-on shoe.

Contents: (1) 26" Lightweight Reacher (Item # BJ100150), (1) Long Handle 'Figure 8'Sponge (Item # BJ100181), (1) Formed Sock Aid (Item # BJ100100), (1) 24" Metal Shoehorn (Item # BJ100145), (1) 27" Dressing Stick (Item # BJ100110), (1 pair) 24" Elastic Shoe Laces - White (Item # BJ100131), & (1 pair) 24" Elastic Shoe Laces - Black (Item # BJ100130) * Perfect for people who are recovering from hip, knee, or other surgeries where bending and mobility is compromised or difficult * Contains products most often recommended by therapists *

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